Trainers: Regina, Dominique, Tim

You are invited to join me on this month to month program which has what you need to be successful! Includes: Workouts for All Fitness Levels, Accountability Check Ins, Meal Plans with Recipes, and Monthly Group Workouts.  




  • Workouts for All Fitness Levels
  • Weekly Accountability Check Ins
  • Meal Plans with Recipes
  • Monthly Group Workouts
  • Support Group

Starting is hard but finishing is even harder.

  1. Pick Out A Workout.
  2. Plan and Prep Your Foods with our simple recipes.
  3. Tell me how I can INSPIRE you to achieve your goals.

Are you ready…

  • to learn how nutrition can truly make you feel better?
  • to have your meals planned out for the week?
  • to sweat & burn those calories through various types of workouts?
  • to make changes towards a healthier you?
  • to have a Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer take this journey with you?



Starting is hard to do but finishing is even harder.


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