Questions & Answers

What can I expect from you as my Personal Trainer?

You can expect to have an accountability partner that cares for you and your health like family. I will take the time to listen to you, your needs and goals. I will develop a plan that will work for you and help you achieve your goals no matter what your ability.

After I call you, what happens next?

We spend our first session getting to know each other. We discuss your past experiences and expectations, followed by setting  your goals and a schedule.

Can you tell me more about our first session?

First, we do a physical assessment to provide a baseline picture of your current health. Next, I'll develop a personalized routine, based on your abilities and goals. Lastly, we will talk about nutrition, sleep, stress and any other barriers you might have to achieving your fitness goals. Once the foundation has been established, I will put together workout plans that are challenging to help you improve your health and fitness, but fun so the time and calories just slip away!