July 24, 2016


Regina Roberts is a Cooper Institute certified Personal Trainer, as well as, a full-time mom. In 2008, she was blessed with her oldest son…and 80 additional pounds. After the first few months, she realized losing the extra weight was not as easy as before, and found she needed to hit the gym for the first time in her life. Most people would find this difficult to initiate by themselves, however, Regina became immediately addicted to the sense of accomplishment after working out and was full of pride for the day she met her weight loss goal.


In 2013, bouncing baby number 2 made his appearance. Regina decided to give up her career at Bank of America once she realized the cost of daycare and the amount of time she was missing with her little boys due to work. Instead, she chose a profession she felt passionate about and one that she knew she could really impact others lives based on her  dedication, drive, and just true love for exercise.

Since obtaining her Personal Training certificate from Cooper Institute and being able to meet Dr. Cooper himself, her views on diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle changed. She became Cooper certified in Nutrition for Health and Fitness as well as Cooper Certified in Coaching Healthy Behaviors in 2016. She earned her FAI Certification as a Functional Aging Specialist in 2019 as well as becaming a Silver Sneakers instructor.

There is no client too young or too old, everyone can benefit from exercise and she has the moves for everyone.

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“I feel my story and overall goal is what makes me and PERSONAL CHANGES TRAINING different. I welcome anyone to embark on this wonderful journey along with me.”

Regina is her first client, and she devotes herself to teaching others about the best nutritious foods and workouts that are fun and effective. 

Meet the PCT Trainers



Founder and Master Trainer

A personal trainer and coach for the last 9 years, Regina is Certified by the Cooper Institute of Dallas.

She holds certifications in:
-Adaptive Fitness
-Functional Aging
-Silver Sneakers
-Coaching Healthy Behaviors
-Nutrition for Health and Fitness

"No one is too young or too old to exercise! Whatever your ability you can benefit and make it fun!"



Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer, certified by the American Council on Exercise.

Specializing in:
-Weight Loss
-Back Pain Management
-Scoliosis and other Spinal Deformities

"Needing to be mindful of my back, I've had to find exercises and stretches that work for me. In researching different styles of exercising, I've been able to continuously work on a unique approach to training."

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