October 21, 2018

Personal Training

I take great pride in saying that I am a “Cooper Certified” Personal Trainer. Dr Kenneth H. Cooper, known as the father of aerobics, coined the term, invented the treadmill stress test, and launched Cooper institute in 1970. The Cooper institute leads the worlds research in physical fitness and health, holding the largest database of research data and information. Learn more about The Cooper Institute here.

I was privileged enough to study at the Campus and meet and learn from not only Dr. Cooper himself but a wide range of top notch Doctors, Researchers, Instructors, and Trainers.






When a client begins their journey with Personal Changes Training, they start with a free consultation. This is where we can meet wherever you would like, and get to know each other a little better, discuss life, expectations of each other, goals, schedules, payment and set a start date. Before the start date, each new client will receive a welcome email with their schedule and monthly invoice along with their own username and password to utilize their profile and workouts 24/7; also a link to a fitness assessment. This fitness assessment holds all the questions I want to ask you that helps me help you and does not waste our session time. For example – your current habits, your likes, dislikes, past injuries, medications, goals, and so forth. Once you have completed that, you will receive a thank you email and now I have the information that I need to help you.

The day of our first session we will begin with getting your blood pressure, weight, measurements and body fat percentage. Also we will conduct a few exercises that will test your physical fitness. Physical fitness is composed into six categories; Body Composition, Cardiorespiratory fitness, Absolute Strength, Dynamic Strength, Flexibility, and Neuromotor skills (balance). After you complete each test I will gather that data and see where you range among your peer group. (This is the only time I will ever compare you to anyone besides yourself)  This helps for you to know where you stand so you know where you want to go. I will know your limits and strengths and what we need to work on at your level. Based on this information I will then be able to form your routines. Your routines are just that – YOUR routines. They will be exercises that you need, that you like ( for the most part), at your pace that you will be capable of. Each time they will change. I love changing your workouts every time to keep your body guessing. Again they will be tailored just for you and can change based on how your body feels. I always tell my clients to listen to their body more than they listen to me. It’s my job to push you, it’s your job to  know your limits and tell me and we will modify your workout. I love to workout and even more I love to make my clients love working out. With me it really is not work; just fun.