April 29, 2020

Chair Workout

This chair workout is a low impact and especially for my Silver Sneakers or any one with bad knees or just needs to workout sitting down. If you don’t have dumbbells you can use cans of beans or veggies, most cans weigh about 1 pound. What really matters is how hard you are contracting and squeezing the muscle. 

Keep your core contracted. Sitting at the edge of your chair or if your back hurts you can scoot back. 

Big breath in, Shoulders up, back, and down. 

Neck Rolls

Shoulder Rolls 

Twist side to side 

Lift up your knees up and down

Extending legs 

Sit and Stand- Practicing Standing correctly so your knees do not hurt 


Bicep Curl 

Torso Twist ( Pretend your abs are a washcloth and wring out all the water) 

Heel Digs 

Tricep Press Back 


Weighted Kicks ( Lift knee first and then extend leg) 

Narrow Overhead Press and Wide Overhead Press, Alternate Narrow and Wide Press 

Figure 8 

Open and Close your legs

Alternating Punches or Same Time for a Chest Press

Pretend to Stand Up… Hover…

Same Knee to Elbow/Cross Crunch…Other Side…Alternate

Narrow Row…Wide Row…Alternating Row 

Single Leg March…Hold…Bend and Extend…Pulse 

Other Leg 

Around the World (Weight goes around head and the other direction) 

Hacky Sacks ( Marching leading with your ankles) 

Balance- Lifting up one leg and the other 

Stretching- Sitting Cat/Cow, Cross Arm Over, Tricep Stretch, Hip Flexor opener, Straight Leg Hamstring Stretch 

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