October 22, 2018


In part of my continuing education criteria for my personal training certifications the obvious first choice was to gain more knowledge in the field of Nutrition and again I turned to Cooper Institute.

One must be careful when researching about nutrition. Due to our freedom of speech, anyone can say anything about anything and we could give way to much credit to paid celebrities, or multi level marketing or even biased research companies.

One more detail you must be aware of is the difference between someone who is certified in nutrition and an actual dietitian. A dietitian graduated holds a Bachelor’s degree specializing in foods and nutrition. They are they only ones who are qualified to develop diet plan and monitor the outcome. I am NOT a dietitian.  I hold my Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications and Marketing. I will never assign a food plan for you that will tell you what to eat for each meal.

Depending on your dietary needs, goals, and likes and dislikes I can help you find a diet for you using such guides as Choose My Plate or My Fitness Pal or even PinterestThese tools will only aid you in your food choices. I do gather all of my information and opinions through The Cooper Instutue’s blog, which is a team of doctors, instructors, and research specialist who use actual research papers that include years of research and double blind studies for organizations such as the American Heart Association or The American College of Sports Medicine.

I am not into the latest fad diets (although I have probably tried them). My nutrition knowledge and advice comes from the actual science, straight from the nutrition textbook from Cooper Institute.

I am big believer on tracking your foods especially tracking all of your micronutrients, I do that myself through fitness pal I would love to be friends with you so I can see your eating habits. For most people who are serious about change and weight loss this is the way to your goals. It is so much easier to not consume the extra 200 calories or so then to burn it off. However when attempting to lose weight many will consume too few of calories which can be very bad as well. That is why I am here to help you monitor what good you are putting into your body so your body can do you good.