October 4, 2021

Personal Trainer

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Personal Changes Training
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Personal training
Virtual and In Person. Your place or here @ THE PCT GYM
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Inspirational Training
Start with a Workout. Check out some recipes & prep your week.
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Serveral Ways To Train

personal training

Your routines are just that – YOUR routines. They will be exercises that you need, that you like ( for the most part), at your pace that you will be capable of. Each time they will change. I love changing your workouts every time to keep your body guessing. Again they will be tailored just for you and can change based on how your body feels.

virtual training

Virtual Training is still personal training and still has that personal touch, just with out the touch. It is live, and 1 on 1, and you still have your tailored routine that is customized to you and your likes and physical abilities. Currently we are connecting with clients using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and Hangouts.