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National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer


Dominique is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer living in Dallas, Texas. Being in sports and staying active as a teen, Dominique was never aware of what exercise and a healthy diet was really for.

After taking a good hard look in the mirror she realized it was time to make a change after living a unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle for the past 4 years.




Since moving from Seattle Washington in 2018, Dominique began to make baby steps towards a healthier way of living, but things completely changed when COVID hit. No more gym days, fitness classes, going outdoors, and with the temptation to fall back into old habits, she decided to counter the mental and physical challenges that came with the quarantine.

After falling in love with what exercise did for her life, Dominique couldn’t get the idea of being able to give that same feeling to others out of her head. She always wanted a career that would allow her to help others but combining that with her passion is what led to getting certified and helping people become the best version of themselves.

“Fitness did for me what so many other things could not and transforming myself from the inside out wasn’t easy, but to be able to give people that same gift is more than I could ever ask for.”