I Love my Fitness Pal

Let’s face it, to lose weight we have to track our calories. My Fitness Pal makes it so easy to do that. My biggest complaint I had with this app is I make a lot of one pot/skillet meals for my family. When you have to type in every single ingredient and know the serving size it can be very tedious and boring.

Thanks to one of my wonderful clients for showing me to how to enter entire recipes in.

Using your computer, look in the blue menu box under recipes, you can either paste a recipe you find on line or if it is one of your own little concoction then you can click on the “Add recipe manually”. Then just type the ingredients in line by line. If the app mixes up the brand and size you can hover over it and then you will see you can make the necessary changes by editing the quantity or replacing your food selection. ¬†Once you have saved every thing it will store that on your “recipe box” for you to use again and again. A few other features I love is the check in option where I just tell My Fitness Pal where I am and I can pick from the menu. Also the ¬†scanner button allows you to “take a picture” of the bar code on the packaging of your food. And its right there done all you got to do is hit the blue check mark. Be honest with your serving sizes cause your only lying to yourself and don’t forget those bites that just jumped into your mouth.

Every bite, every calorie counts… so count them!