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Virtual Training

Right now there are so very many personal trainers out of work right now and are flooding Youtube with Free workout videos. That’s great for you since you’re locked [...]

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Wednesday Workout

Workout WednesdaysPCT – 2053 Brabant Dr. begins Wednesday, June 19, 2019 @ 7pm Please join us Wednesday evenings for some fun with different workouts for all fitness levels and [...]

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Starting 2019 Right… with the right goals post thumbnail

Starting 2019 Right… with the right goals

Now that Christmas is over we are looking into the New Year and our New Year’s Resolution. I know I am not the only one who ate way to [...]

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PCT Gift Certificates

Now available PCT Gift Certificates! Give your loved one is gift that TRULY gives back to them (or you). Kickstart the New Year right with these discount deals on [...]

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Weekly Words of Wisdom post thumbnail

Weekly Words of Wisdom

If you want to see Change… You have to do change! And that change starts with You! [...]

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Weekly Words of Wisdom… post thumbnail

Weekly Words of Wisdom…

Start where you stand and Finish what you start! (Meaning don’t compare yourself and look around at others, this is your starting point not theirs, compete only with yesterdays [...]

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Available Training Times post thumbnail

Available Training Times

I have a few open available time slots that need to be filled… Are you ready??? Contact me for a FREE consultation!!! 469-964-8630 [...]

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I Love my Fitness Pal post thumbnail

I Love my Fitness Pal

Let’s face it, to lose weight we have to track our calories. My Fitness Pal makes it so easy to do that. My biggest complaint I had with this [...]

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Weekly Food Prep post thumbnail

Weekly Food Prep

Food prep, food prep, food prep. Repeat it. It’s that important! Notice all my choices are versatile, I can mix and match them with a variety of choices. Think [...]

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SMART Goals post thumbnail


  It’s a New Year and a New You. This Year, let’s set SMART Goals. Let’s be Specific and Realistic with our Goals. Be sure to set Timelines to [...]

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