Virtual Training

Right now there are so very many personal trainers out of work right now and are flooding Youtube with Free workout videos. That’s great for you since you’re locked out of your gym and may not have any idea on what exercises you should be doing. So I understand why you would want to just pick a free YouTube workout video and go. It’s quick, easy and best of all free! However you get what you pay for… 

The difference in my virtual training and your free workout videos are… Well a lot. 

First of all, We have been in quarantine for around 30 days now. Have you lost any weight? What have you been doing for the last 30 days? Any results? Are you getting bored watching the same workout videos? Do you feel the videos still motivate and support you and give you that sense of accountability? Are you sure you are using correct form every move every time? Who is watching you and pushing you? 

Even in this new virtual world I am still a Personal Trainer and I still want to get personal with my clients. I have done several Live workout videos where I have posted here on youtube along with FaceBook and Instagram. My issue with those is, I can’t see you. I want to be able to explain the move and watch you do the move so I know you are doing the move correctly and using the muscles you’re supposed to be using and not hurting yourself. 

That is the big difference between me and other trainers videos. You’re not just watching me,  I am watching you too. Your not by yourself. Giving you the personal attention that you need in personal training. Proving personal training can still exist in this virtual world… with the right trainer that is.

Here is an example of a video you tube suggested for me to watch. When I watched I was shocked that she would tell you to do a lunge and ask you to put your weight in the front foot and go down, causing your knee to go past your toe and putting way too much pressure on your knees. Risk versus Reward! This move is horrible and you should not be doing it. 
The videos that you’re watching… are you sure the instructors are credible? Are they certified Personal Trainers? Do they have your best interest in mind? Are you getting a great workout? Are you enjoying your workout? Are you ready to? Then call me 469-964-8630 or email me or message me on facebook or on instagram @personalchangestraining or twitter @PChangesT however you want to contact me just do it. You will be happy you did.