Why Pick Personal Changes Training? post thumbnail

Why Pick Personal Changes Training?


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3 Moves of the Week post thumbnail

3 Moves of the Week

When you want to do some moves but not quite sure what to do. Do these… Push Up Plank Bridge Kicks click here for your viewing pleasure [...]

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Free Floor Workout post thumbnail

Free Floor Workout

Join me next Saturday 8/8 @ 9:00 am CST via Zoom for a FREE floor workout. Bring your weights, a mat, and some water and get ready to have [...]

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10 Reasons why you’re not losing Weight post thumbnail

10 Reasons why you’re not losing Weight

All 10 of these reasons are good but my favorite and the ones that I am focusing on are #2,5,8. What are yours? [...]

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Working out with your Pet post thumbnail

Working out with your Pet

Are you bored in the house? Well, so is your pet? They want your attention and you need your workout. Multitasking at its best! No treadmill no problem! Chase [...]

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Virtual Training post thumbnail

Virtual Training

Right now there are so very many personal trainers out of work right now and are flooding Youtube with Free workout videos. That’s great for you since you’re locked [...]

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1st Indoor Triathlon post thumbnail

1st Indoor Triathlon

⚡️On Sunday March 1st I completed my first indoor triathlon 🏅 with two of my personal training clients. ⚡️ The first leg was 15 minutes of swimming laps🏊‍♀️. Now [...]

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Move of the Day post thumbnail

Move of the Day

Move of the Day:  Surrender: You will start on your knees, take your right foot out (way out so you don’t put any pressure on your knees) Bring the [...]

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My Journey (so far) with the 131 Method post thumbnail

My Journey (so far) with the 131 Method

I received the 131 Method book from one of my favorite clients and I absolutely love it and would recommend it to any and everyone. Especially if you are [...]

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Water Aerobics!! post thumbnail

Water Aerobics!!

While the heat is here to stay… so is water aerobics!!! Please join us this Wednesday at 7:00 at …… (RSVP to receive the address…$10) [...]

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